All Three Kits - Feb '20 / April '20 / June '20


February 2020, April 2020 and June 2020

February: It’s all in the ply! Truly it is from what fiber blend each single is composed of, to how many singles we are incorporating, and then if those singles are different thickness or the same and then how they are plied. Using 3 differing fiber and fiber blends we are going to explore some of the many ways we can put them together for desired effects in the yarn and then again in the fabric it creates.

April: Bumpy, loopy and chunky!! One of the things that happens to all of us spinners is we tend to make the same yarn all the time. Stepping outside of that comfort zone open and expands our creative brains and hones our skills. So we are going to play this fat and thin, coils, loops along with some cool plying skills that are textured. Maybe even so me haloing!

June: Yarn from the core! Core spinning is basically creating yarn from a core. We are going to use a  wool core because it is sticky so easier add other fibers to without over twisting. We will also include other options incase you want to go stash diving to try other core possibilities. Wensleydale locks and silk will be what we are using to add to our core!!!

Fiber types will include: Merino, Bambu, Bombyx Silk, Wensleydale, Targhee, Tussah and Falkland. Each kit will include between 12 and 14 ounces of fiber. There will also be in one of the shipments a surprise fiber!

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Thank you for joining the fun!!

Let's make yarn!

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