December 2021


Surprise! How would you like your very own CUSTOM personal depravedDyer created Blue Moon colorway?!

Well now you can!! I am offering these Color Connections ~ Have your very own special custom Blue Moon colorway made just for you by me! I will only be offering a few of these a month since they take a fair amount of creating time. One of the things about having no team Blue Moon here is it can feel like creating in a void. I’m a people person. I do love the give and take and sharing of ideas and such. So this is my way of adding more of that back to my life while adding some more personal color to yours.

I will schedule time to chat so I can get an idea of what you want. Then me and my little color brain will go to the dye pots and create your color on yarn just for you. I will keep your colorway on file so you can order it whenever your heart desires.You can name it it or I will help you with this also
You get 1 - 405 yard skein of Socks that Rock Medium-weight in your colorway as part of our collaborative design. A brief color story describing your colorway that I will email to you. Your custom colorway kept in Blue Moon's colorway database forever! You can also choose whether this is a private colorway just for you or you can share with the world at large if you'd like. It's your colorway so it is up to you!

Please Note:  Please put your phone number and a good time to connect in the comments section of your order!!

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