School of Yarn Semester #1 - Targhee


This semester, it’s all about bases made predominantly from Targhee wool. We will be exploring all of the qualities of wool sourced from this one breed of sheep and how they play into the choices we make in everything from the ranching, to the milling, down to the yarn that’s in your hands.

We have chosen three bases with very different construction so we can explore how one fiber type works across various platforms in the skein and the knit. These skeins will each tell us their own special story of spinning, ply, weight, color, knitting and wearing.

We will be dyeing all three of these bases in brand new and different colorways, designed to accentuate the yarns’ attributes:

  • Targhee Worsted will be dyed as a neutral shaded solid, to highlight its hardworking qualities as an everyday-yet-special garment yarn
  • Tigger Targhee will be a multicolor wonder, because we want you to play with it as a new, non-superwash option for socks!
  • Single Silk Targhee with be all kinds of speckley, because who doesn’t love speckles for cozy accessories (especially worn around the neck, where this soft and cozy yarn shines)

In this semester’s shipments, you’ll get pages of invaluable information about the sheep's breed; qualities of the fleece; and how it’s spun at the mill; dyer’s notes about how it takes dye; swatching prompts to help you play with needle sizes and gauges to find each yarn’s ideal range; and project ideas both small and large. We will discuss pattern support for each yarn and have pattern recommendations and discounts for those patterns.

        You'll also recieve:      

  • 1 super cute notebook from Scout - for your swatching notes
  • Inspirational note taking pencils
  • Measuring tape

Our Targhee wool is both raised and milled domestically, so we will be discussing what that means in terms of quality, sustainability and the footprint it leaves behind.

It is as much a joy to spin as it is to knit. It's so lofty that you expect it to just float away, and it seriously could with the amount of elasticity it has. It might not be ultra-soft like a very fine merino, but it's still plenty soft – and it will wear so very well.

Targhee Worsted
100% Targhee Wool ~ 3 ply worsted weight yarn
Length: 616yds / 563m
Weight: 8.50oz / 240g

Our Targhee Worsted is a 3-ply worsted-spun yarn of delight! Because of its aforementioned elasticity in the fleece itself, our yarn is lofty and lively. It gives us a nice amount of give and ease, paired with a nice roundness that makes for some pretty spectacular stitch definition.



Tigger Targhee
100% Targhee Wool ~ 4 ply cabled yarn
Length: 405 yds / 370 m
Weight: 4 oz / 113 g

We thought: let’s take this elastic, bouncy fiber and make a cable yarn! – a cabled fingering-weight yarn, to be exact. I have to say I have not been as excited about a yarn since we made Socks that Rock™. Every single person I have given it to test knit with just loves it, and I think you will too! The possibilities with our super-bouncy, fun-fun-fun, Tigger Targhee are endless… just endless… even socks! Even though it’s non-superwash, we think it is a good sock yarn because of its cabled construction. Now, it doesn’t mean they’ll last forever (what handknit socks do, really?); what it does mean is that they will wear surprisingly well; and with all that stretch, they will be super-cozy to boot.



Single Silk Targhee
70% Targhee Wool / 30% Unbleached Tussah Silk ~ Single worsted weight yarn
Length: 696 yds / 636 m
Weight: 9.50 oz / 265 g

Knitters know: Silk is soft! Our Single Silk Targhee is blended with just enough Tussah Silk to add in sheen, strength and of course a little extra softness. Our Tussah Silk and Targhee are blended by a process called pin drafting. Usually the last step before spinning, pin-drafting lines up the fibers, which in turn gives semi-worsted yarns a smooth and polished finish. Pin drafting also ensures consistent grist (the diameter of the finished yarn). But while we wanted the fibers aligned, we also wanted to see the difference between the silk and wool once we dyed it, so the pin-drafting process on our Single Silk Targhee is not a thorough blend, giving the effect of a color reflection. Our Single Silk Targhee also has a cool magic trick: after we steam-set the dye, some of the fleece’s crimp returns, giving us a bit of texture and bounce!

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