Sunday June 2nd - Stash Revitalizing Over Dye Day!!!


A yarn stash is what makes some of us able to sleep at night. Knowing that there are at least a few projects worth of yarn (ha ha ha) at our fingertips that we can peruse, organize, and make knitting plans for to our heart's content whenever we want. Now that is some serious peace of mind.

Every once in awhile our stash needs a little refreshing. Maybe some of those colors do not quite speak as loudly to our creative selves as they did when they were sitting on that shelf in the yarn store. Maybe they were a deal we could not pass up but were not exactly the shade we wanted them to be. Change is part of life and that also applies to our stashes!

Instead of finding them a new home, how about you bring them to the Blue Moon Dye Spa for the day and we give them a color-enhancing treatment?

Over-dyeing yarn is all kinds of fun and the results are always stunning! We can paint or dip or kettle or speckle. Whatever our color hearts desire.

We will start with dye basics so we all understand what we are doing. You will walk away with refreshed skeins guaranteed to inspire!

Cost includes:

  • Blue Moon’s well stocked and dedicated dye barn!
  • Dyestuff
  • A wealth of information and a seriously good time!
  • One slightly depravedDyer with 22 years of experience

Time: 10:00am to 4:00pm (we’ll take a 30 minute break for lunch. You can come and go as you please depending ont he time it takes for you to overdye your yarn.
Place: Blue Moon Fiber Arts 56587, Mollenhour Rd, Scappoose Oregon 97056

What you need to bring:

  • An adventurous, open mind
  • Yarn you would like to over-dye (please see note below about the yarn you bring)
  • Please wear clothes you do not mind getting dye on
  • You can also bring an apron
  • In true camp fashion I ask that you please bring a bag lunch. We will sit around the fire pit while we eat our lunches, share stories and absorb the beauty of the day

NOTE: Since we have a whole lot of yarn in our barn that we need to protect I am going to ask a favor of you. Whatever yarn you want to over-dye please stick in the freezer for a week before class. Just to be on the safe side for all of our stashes!

I was going to ask you to limit the amount you bring since we only have the one day but I think we’ll just see what we have time for.

It is helpful if you know the fiber content of your yarn so we know what we are working with and how to approach dyeing it.

Please make sure your yarn is in skeins and not in balls.

Also we will have skeins of mill ends on hand that you can purchase to over-dye if you like.

I promise that you will walk away brimming with colorful inspiration and joy!

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