Sunday March 10th - Dyeing 102 / Color Therapy


Color me Happy!

In this camp session we will discuss and play with the basic chemistry of color and dyeing. If you have been to our Dye Day Events and wanted to jump to the next level this is it!

You’ll learn all about the different types of dyes and dye processes. We will experiment (play) with a few techniques ( hand-painting,speckles,space dyed, self-striping and grading to name a few).While we delve into the science of the dyeing, we'll also be exploring a little color theory, expanding our personal color sensibilities.

Since I'm predominately a dyer that works with yarn, we will be focusing on animal fiber yarn bases (baa baa) in this class so we will also be learning about how different fibers absorb the dye/color.

Cost includes:

  •  Blue Moon’s well-stocked and dedicated dye barn!
  •  Dyestuff
  •  Yarn 4 (approx 400 yd each) skeins of various blends of yarn. If we have more dye time, you can purchase more yarn
  •  A wealth of information and a seriously good time!
  •  One slightly depravedDyer with 17 years of experience

Class Size: 12
Time: 9:30 am to 3:30 pm (we’ll take a 30 minute break for lunch)
Place: Blue Moon Fiber Arts, 56587 Mollenhour Rd, Scappoose Oregon 97056

What you need to bring:

  •  Please wear clothes you do not mind getting dye on.
  •  You can also bring an apron.
  •  In true camp fashion, I ask that you please bring a bag lunch. We will sit around the fire pit while we eat our lunches, share stories and absorb the beauty of the day.

I promise that you will walk away brimming with colorful inspiration and joy!

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