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Include you name and address and a phone number along with the yarns you want to order, what colorways you want them dyed in and the number of skeins. I will then send you a paypal invoice. If you would rather place a phone order then email me and I will send you my phone number.


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browse by colorway and by yarn or fiber type!

Did you know that when you place your order with us, then we dye it just for you?

It's true.

Here at Blue Moon - land of texture, color, and yes, chickens - we hand-paint your skeins of yarn and hanks of fiber to order. We do this for a variety of reasons: to make sure we can offer you as many colorway selections as we possibly can, to give you as many yarn and fiber choices as we want, to keep costs reasonable for both you and us, and lastly, to assure knitter happiness with color, yarn and a job well done. Of course, this takes a little bit more time than walking to a shelf in a storeroom, picking up a skein or two of yarn, and shipping it out (not that there's anything wrong with that). When we hand-paint your order, we first bundle it, then soak it in our special magic solution. When soaking is done, we lay it out on our tables and paint it. We then steam it to set the dye after which it sits overnight to cool. The very next morning, we rinse and hang it from the rafters to dry and look pretty! Since we reside in the Pacific Northwest this part of the process can take up to 48 hours for our large hanks of garment yarns and roving, even with our state-of-the-art dehumidifier. When we are sure it is dry, we take it down from its drying place, bundle and label each one, and ship them from our loving hands to yours!

A note on color: In order to offer you as many color options and bases as we can our colorway photo's are shown in our Socks that Rock base. If you want to see how the base you are ordering takes the dye please click on the yarn page and you will see a picture at top that gives you an idea of how it takes the dye. There is also a description of whether or not it will belighter or darler than the colorway photo. All superwash yarns take dye in a more saturated manner than regular wool yarns!

We do our very best to process and ship orders within 6 to 15 business days of receipt. On occasion, due to sales, seasonal fluxes, or mother nature, processing times may take longer. If that's the case, we'll be sure to contact you and let you know.

Due to the Covid Pandemic and the safety protocols for small busineeses the delays in processing you orders could be longer than our normal timeline. Please do check in with us at with any questions. Stay safe and take care!!!

It is very important to us that our knitters are happy knitters!
We truly appreciate your patience with our process!

Blue Moon welcomes everyone and celebrates the diversity that is life! All people ~ no matter what color your skin is, where you are from, how you identify, how old you are or your sexual orientation ~  are welcomed and we will do our very best to create a safe space. #nohatehere

Thank you!

Team Blue Moon



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