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Browse by colorway and by yarn/fiber type!

We have tried to make you shopping experience as easy as possible. Below is an explanation of exactly how things work.

Shopping By Colorway

This shopping method lists the colors in their categories- Multicolorways, Watercolorways, Shaded Solids, Ravens and the RSC only colors. (Below you will find a description of each of these categories.)

In each category there is a colorway circle/thumbnail. Click on this thumbnail, and you will then see a skein of yarn in that colorway and a list of yarns it is available in. When you select the yarn you are interested in, you will be taken to a page where you will find a strand photo, a description and the ability to purchase. The descriptions tell you a bit about the yarn and how it takes dye and shows color.

Shopping by Yarns/Roving & Spinning Fibers

This shopping method list the yarns or fibers themselves. If you know the colorway you are looking for this is a faster way to shop, than by colorway. Just go to Yarns or Rovings & Spinning Fibers and choose the one you are looking for and click on the colorway you want. At this point you will not see your chosen colorway in your chosen yarn or fiber, instead you will see a strand shot of that yarn. The strand photo lets you see a bit more of the yarns construction.

If you need to see the colorway, you will need to go to the colorway list.

Right now, all colorways are shown in Socks that Rock. We have done this because it is our best selling yarn, and it shows the color well. If you need color help, please do not hesitate to ask. After all, it is what we love to do!

Colorway Category Descriptions

  • Colorways - Blue Moon yarns are hand painted, usually two at a time. We follow precise recipes from start to finish. Because it is a hand made product, we recommend you order plenty of yarn for your project so that you have the best chance of an even flow of color. This is especially important in garments. There are color and fiber descriptions in each category that are designed to help you make your choices. If you need more information or help, please do not hesitate to contact us.
    Colorway photos are done in Socks that Rock. How the colorways appear in the other yarns will vary, depending on how they each take the dye. This is explained in the fiber descriptions. The skein photos of each fiber type also give you an idea of how it dyes.
  • Multicolorways - Anywhere from three to ten colors are used to create these colorways. No color rules or theory here--anything goes. I was never a big fan of coloring in the lines, so you will find that wherever two colors meet there is intermingling. This is where I believe the true color magic happens.
    Some colorways have more frequent number of color changes in them than others. This is visible in the skein photo. The bigger the band of color, the longer the repeat. There are some that stay in the same color family (as in Nodding Violet) and some that are all over the spectrum (as in Fire on the Mountain). A lot of these colorways were created for sock knitting, but they are certainly not limited to that.
  • Watercolorways - These are usually in the same, or a closely related color family. The color changes are a lot more subtle. In some instances, there is just a darker or lighter shade. To achieve this effect, no more than three colors are used in each of these colorways.
  • Shaded Solids - One color is used in these colorways. Because we are painting the color on, it is darker where the dye first alights onto the fiber. This gives us varying shades of the same color in one skein.

There are over 800 colorways, and we cannot offer them all at once. So, we rotate them based on season--my whim and your requests. If there is a colorway you have not seen for awhile and would like to, do not hesitate to email us with a request. We will do our best to add it in the next rotation. Just because they are not on the website does not mean they have gone away permanately. I do not retire colorways. Not ever! They are just on little sabbaticals. You might see them out and about visiting one of our retailers or at a show or two.


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