Mill End Mystery Grab Bags

We created our Mystery grab bags a few summers ago when we had a substantial mill-end surplus. It was such a huge success, and loads of fun for us and you, our knitters, that we decided to make it a tradition. We offer these when we have a surplus of mill-ends or just left over skeins that need a forever knit home. And sometimes we offer them because we feel like it!! These Mystery Grab bags we are offering now are going to be a total mystery full of all types and weights of yarn and colors. I'm your mystery bag color wizard. I have so much fun putting all of these bags together choosing for the most color and textural joy. There are all kinds of color combos, who knows you might even get a Rare Gem!! Some are seasonal hues, some bright and in your face, some dark and mysterious. There's no limit to wicked colour fun. I hope you enjoy getting them as much as I enjoy putting them together!

All of this grouping Mystery Bags are made with an assortment of yarns anywhere from a silkmo to sock yarn. There could be mini-skeins even. Each bag will contain no less than 1000 yards of yarn goodness. Some of these skeins might Mill Ends but most are just looking for a home. If you are new to our Mill Ends they are skeins that either have an under-plied or weirdly section, a knot (or three), or a colour boo boo. We use these skeins all the time ourselves. There are really no huge flaws, we just feel that they are not up to our standards enough to charge our regular price.

Supplies are limited and these go very fast so don't delay!.


Assorted Yarns - Mill End Mystery Grab Bag

Assorted Yarns - Mill End Mystery Grab Bag

Differing skeins of assorted fiber-types and weight yarns. We have a few odds & ends skeins that are looking for a forever knit home! Some of these skeins are mill ends and some are not. So we've decided to combine them for a bit of colorful and textural yarn Mystery fun! The yarns we've put together in these bags of joy could be any of the wonderful yarns we offer and some we use to offer even!! Who knows what you will get? Each Mystery grab bag will contain no less that 1000 yards...

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