What's Your Sign?? Astrological Color Kits

It's no secret that I am an aging hippie chick. I am creative, believe in the magical parts of our world and love the cosmos. Years ago I started to make a special birthday color for myself each year. I think it wa the whole surviving Cancer for a second time that inspired me to celebrate being alive!!

Everyone of the colorways I  have created takes it hue from the year I have had and what I want for the next year and also the when of my birthday is. May 29th is my birthday which makes me a Gemini. I've been playing around with doing an colorway kit taking the astrological sign one is born under as inspiration.

So what better time than now. I am starting with Gemini since it is May and I had a hard time this year deciding on one birthday color. I had an idea which you can read about under the Gemini offering.

Each monthly offering will be different. Some might have 2 skeins and some might have three. There might be more than one base in a kit. I am going to let the stars and planets guide me!!

I will add a new kit each month starting this Month of May 2020!!


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