Ginger Plum-licious

A colorway name was submitted by luv2run for our Colorway Name Contest.  After the name was suggested, we voted and then my job was to come up with a colorway based on just the name or the name and a brief description.  Great fun!

Contestant Description:  I have a Satsuma Plum tree in my backyard and just finished canning some.  The flesh color is a beautiful deep red; the skin is reddish maroon over green combined with the golden hue of candied ginger...Beautiful and oh-so tasty!

deprayvedDyer:  I knew exactly what she meant by her description, and so I just worked from the inside of the plum out.  I did this on both ends of the skein, so the color mirrors itself.


BFL Sport - Ginger Plum-licious

BFL Sport - Ginger Plum-licious

  All measurements are approximate. Content: 100% Blue Faced Leicester Weight: 8oz. / 226g Length: 661 yds/604 m Gauge: 5-6 stitches per inch (2.5 cm) on size 4-5 (3.5-3.75 mm) needles

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