Plato's lost under the sea ilse of Atlantis has inspired many a tale, song, painting, poetry ans so much more. A utopian dream. So I was always going to love an Atlantis musical concept from SHINee. I was over the moon with the song and the lyrics but I have to say the color and art they used for their music video has kept me up at night dreaming up color stories. The red orange with that sea grean made my heart skip a few beats. So pretty and tropical. Please do listen to the song and watch the video if you have not already.

SHINee's Atlantis

The moment that made me find that unknown area 미지의 그 영역을 찾게 한 순간 The place that seems to have awakened the senses that were buried 묻혔던 감각들을 깨워낸 듯한 그곳은 Stronger than gravity and very deeply 중력보다 강하게 또 아주 깊숙하게 Pull me to the end where I can't escape 헤어나지 못할 끝까지 끌어당겨 날 It's like we're underwater (we're underwater) It's like we're underwater (we're underwater) Getting deeper 점점 깊어져 가


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