SHINee's Back

SHINee’s Back!! Back Back Back!

The Princes of K-pop’s have returned! After a three year absence and all of us shawols (fans) are ecstatic! If you are not familiar with their music you are missing quite a spectacular experience Key, Minho, Onew and Taemin are back! 13 years is no small thing in the music industry and this come back of theirs has brought a whole lot of light, hope and fabulous music to the world.

My first intro to them was thanks to President Obama years ago and I've been a fan ever since. I miss Jonghyun of course and I am sure the members so but they have rallied created great music. The song Area seems to be about Jonghyun. A bunch of the lyrics are from some of the their earlier songs that Jonghyun composed. The colors I used are from the music video "Don't Call Me" Which was the first single from this new album. Do we still call them albums. lol

I am very inspired by their music and asthetic so looks for more SHINee color songs!

"SHINee's back SHINee's back SHINee's back Back, back, back, back Yo, yeah, yeah, yeah, here, here we go Yeah, yeah, yeah"


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