Mother Clucker

Mother Clucker is for all my broody hens. The momma hens. I have learned so much from my little flock but most especially the momma hens. Hensare the most protective moms.  One of the first things I learned is that when hens pay eggs they cluck a lot and... all the other hens join in like little midwives. It's so cool if a little loud and loud it is!!

Also..when a hen is sitting all the other hens climb in the brooding box and lay eggs for her to sit on. I kid you not. I went out the other day to feed and let them out to roam and took a gander in the hen house and I was like OMG that hen has 2 heads. Nope it was 2 hens. One was sitting on top of the other. My flock is a tight knit crew!!!

So this colorway Mother Clucker is for our current borroder who is named Ester and is a beautful little bantam.




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