Sprinkles/speckles/droplets - bits and pieces of color explosions poetically wandering down the skein. Whether we're raining droplets of dye over a skein or sprinkling dye powder over a skien with our trusty shakers there is nothing quite as magical as those little bursts of color. You can have a drop of speck here and there or you can start with one color and build until all those stunning little drops of color have created a watercolor masterpiece!

It’s so interesting to watch trends come and go, especially when you have been in an industry for a long time. I, for one, was pretty thrilled with our new love of the speck! When I was first dyeing I did a bunch of these kind of colorways, but it just was not their time. There was more of an emphasis on wanting colorways that were more clearly defined and repeatable as much as possible. It’s nice that we have come to a place where we are more understanding and appreciative of yarn and colorways that have variations within each lot and are unique.

**Please note that this dye technique varies a bit from skein to skein and yarn base to yarn base with no 2 skeins being exactly alike. We try our best but there will be some variation. Yarns that are not Superwashed will be less distinct in their specks and more watercolored in appearance.**


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