Fowl Play is my color homage to my little flock of delightful chickens that live with here in Blue Moon land. I have been wanting to add to my chicken colorwyay line-up for awhile now and when I saw the JAM PDX Yarn Chicken pin I knew I need to make something special to go with it.

So here we are... Introducing Mother Clucker~ after all my broody hens that sit on all the eggs even ones that have not layed! Cock-a-doodle-DUDE~ after my three little bantam roosters that think they are all of that and a little bit more. And lastly, CHEEPer by the Dozen~ a colorway that includes all the lovely egg colors that I get to collect everyday!

Fowl Play includes one of each of these beauties in either Socks that Rock or Featherlight or Super Sparle and each trio includes a JAM PDX Yarn Chicken pin with it.

Supplies are limited with this one so get it while you can!!


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