Rockin' Whorl Spinning Club

Our launch of Rockin’ Whorl Spinning Club has been all that I hoped it would be and quite honestly a little more. Thanks to you all, I am back to being a spinning fool! Since I had been dreaming of doing this spinning club since the second year of the Sock Club, I can’t tell you how delighted I am with how our whorl is turning.

Are you ready for three more installments? I know I am! I don’t even need to wait until after December to see if I want to do this again and again and again.

I am a spinner at heart. I learned to spin before I learned to knit. I learned to dye (second fiber love) because of spinning! I knew I was a goner the first time I sat at a wheel, put my foot on the treadle, pushed down and watched that wheel go around. The feel, the sound, the smell... at once, I felt at home and connected to my people. I love making yarn. I love the feel of the fiber slipping through my fingers and the control I have over it. I'm constantly mesmerized by the shifting colors as all those fiber are twisted into a single thread. I love building a yarn based on a project, gathering all the pieces needed, then taking all the twists and turns until I have the yarn I dreamed.

We are going to keep going with offering each club shipment separately and as a three kit package. I like this approach because it gives me a whole bunch of freedom in planning and pricing each kit and it gives you choices. You can join for the whole thing and buy the three package deal or you can just choose to purchase one or two of the kits individually.

The next three shipments will be sent in: February, April and June.

In each shipment you'll receive between 4 to 8 ounces of that month’s fiber offering. Sometimes it will be one fiber type and sometimes more than one. It all depends on what we are up to. You will receive notes from me on the fiber type (composition) and why it was chosen, the whys of the dye choice, and ideas for how to spin it for different types of yarn and to get a yarn that will work with a few applicable projects. You will also get pattern suggestions with links and discounts to those patterns.

Each club package will only be available to you. You can order more of the kit fiber, or other fibers and yarns we offer, in that colorway whenever you wish. We will not be offering these specific spinning kits to the general public at anytime.

Just like Sock Club, there are limited openings. Actually, because it takes fiber so long to dry and space for that is at a premium, we are more limited in available spots for this club. So if you purchase one month and decide later you would like the whole three month option there is a chance we could be out of spaces.

I have upped the price a bit because it is way more work than I anticipated, but believe you will find that each kit is worth it.

Also, I do believe we have the mailing list feature fixed.

Click below to view descriptions of all three kits fiber offerings.

Please note that the price does not include shipping, which will be calculated based on your location and added at checkout.


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