Rare Gems

Rare Gems are one of a kind colorways that we've created by over-dyeing existing colorways. This process creates a saturated and varied skein of color wonder. They are magical in their depth and layers of color.

These are non-repeatable colorways, hence the rareness.

Because of this one-of-a-kind aspect, we have them grouped into four general color scheme categories. We feel these schemes best describe what we are offering. They cover a broad spectrum and speak to the predominant colors in that skein of yarn. Say you order from the Earth category you will see a lot of brown/rust/moss type hues but not exclusively. There also might be a pop of blue or yellow in there, or maybe some black. 

That is the joy of these. A little bit of an element of surprise. So... please do read each category carefully before ordering. We realize that there's a bit of a leap of faith in ordering these. We've been doing this for many years. I promise you that we have made tons and tons of happy knitters.

I love our Rare Gems. I am your Rare Gem dyer. After I dye, rinse and hang them to dry, I am not allowed anywhere near them. If I was, my house would be filled to the rafters with them, and there would not be any left for you. (I am Tina and I have a Rare Gem problem!)

We hope you enjoy our Rare Gems as much as we do!

Please know there are no returns on Rare Gems for color selection. 


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