Tipsy Clan


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Meet the Tipsys, a high spirited southern family, slightly touched right at the tip (as we are) of the skein with color. Like that hint of a spice on your tongue that you savor perfects a dish and the whiff of a rosebush as you pass slows you down and brightens your day – a touch of color in a white space frames and spotlights it as the hue star it is! 

I am embracing and paying homage to the southern (and Scottish) side of my family with this touch of color series. It is from them that I learned that while lemonade on a hot summer day might be refreshing, add a sprig of mint from the garden and it's a slice of heaven. I learned to slow down and not just notice my world but be in it. 

It has not only been great fun but also quite heartwarming creating these colorful characters. I feel reconnected and whole in a way I have not felt in a long time. I realized recently, as I was sharing them with a friend, that I had grown quite fond of them, almost as much as my fine feathered Raven Clan. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. I think the knit possibilities with them are endless.


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