What a bummer! Our shipment is late.

Unfortunately, our beloved Socks that Rock® Mediumweight and Heavyweight sock yarns are temporarily backordered until the week of July 21, 2014. If your order contains either of these yarn bases between now and then, we will process (dye and ship) the part of your order we can and then, as soon as we receive our incoming shipment of Mediumweight and and Heavyweight, we'll process that part of your order. Since we dye our yarns to order, order processing generally takes about two weeks; as a result, orders containing Mediumweight and Heavyweight yarns will be shipped about three to four weeks from now. We will do our best to expedite these orders as soon as the yarn bases arrive at our doorstep.

We are sorry for this inconvenience and appreciate your patience!


Color spirits - wraithlike tints.

One color, the barest amount to achieve a hue that is subtle, almost not there, yet still visually registers. The palest possibility for that one color. Color homeopathy!

This is the polar opposite of the Raven Clan. Whereas the Ravens are saturated shades, the Spirits are tints. A tint is the addition of white to any color to make paler hues. They are dilutions of a full strength mix and this is where they seem homeopathic to me. Color taken all the way to its essence.


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