If I Want Exposure, I’ll Get My Tits Out! You’ve Been BREAST

We’ve joined the #titsoutcollective actualized by Countess Ablaze as a socially creative response to misogyny and marginalization. If you want the whole story you can read all the details here on her blog.
Recently she has also experienced a bit of what I refer to as “copycat syndrome.” Imitation is not the greatest form of flattery. So in response, she has invited all us dyers and creatives to create our own take on her original colorway.
I know!! what a way to take the high road and celebrate our community and do good! We are to use the hues she used but in our own style.
We are all donating to charities of our choice. Blue Moon is donating $5.00 per skein to Raices to help reunite families. 
Sales start July 1st midday BSG (UK time) so 8 hours later here, soooo... we will have ours live on the morning of July 2nd and all though July. 
We have yet to decide if this is the only time this colorway will be available!
I am thrilled as always to be a part of such a creative and giving community!!


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