It’s a Collection, Not an Obsession!

As I started to write this description it occurred to me that so many things in my life start with, "A dear friend asked me to...".  My friend Marisol came to me weeks ago and asked if I'd been willing to work up a few Fluevog themed colorways based on this seasons collection for the Vog Rave group to vote on and name. Of course I said yes, because I love Marisol and she loves Fluevogs, because I love the art and craftsmanship that is a Fluevog shoe and, because I like a challenge.So off I went to my dye table and created quite a few colorways. Marisol requested colorways that would appeal to everyone which is a bit tricky. I wanted something vivid with mass appeal so I took the hues for ~ It's a collection, not an obsession ~ from the aqua/grey end of the spring collection.



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