East meets West in this lovely yarn. Bamboo enhances the lofty quality of the merino while adding a bit of a sheen. This yarn has a wonderful hand and is quite a joy to knit with. Like the Baby Boucle' the bamboo does not take in the dye and lends a silvery air to the color. A current favorite sweater yarn here in Blue Moon land.

Colorway Shown:  Thraven Fledge

All measurements are approximate.
Content: 60% Merino/ 40% Bamboo
Weight: 8oz / 226g
Length: 620yds / 566m
Gauge: 6 stitches per inch (2.5 cm) on size 4 (3.5mm) needles

Note:  Because Woobu is 40 % bamboo it does not take the dye like the other yarns. This is especially true in the darker colorways specifically the raven ones. The under colors are just not as visible. It is very subtle shading, seen more when knit but certainly not so much in the skein.

Note for the Moonstruck Sweater: Woobu held together with Peru creates a shimmery, lustrous sweater. The resulting colorways are more muted and grayed. A Moonstruck made from Woobu and Peru will be drapey and lustrous, with the silky breathability of the bamboo fiber balanced out by the soft warmth of the alpaca.


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