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Come dye with me!

Every year we have an open studio Dye Day in conjunction with our Annual Barn Sale. It is all kinds of fun and every year I promise everyone that I will have more dye/color related events and classes. I miss teaching quite a bit and have decided that there is no time like the present. So here we go!

As most of you know, I have an affinity for camps. So my color-loving, fiber-possessed friends...

Welcome to Blue Moon’s Dye Camp Sessions!

We started our Dye Cammp Sessions this past summer and they have been such a big hit and so much fun that we are going to continue throughtout the year. So if you have anyhting you'd like to see us offer please do let us know.

Each session is a stand alone session, so you can choose the one(s) that appeal the most to you. (Or, of course, you can take them all!)

Most sessions will be one day long with a 30 minute break for lunch.

Hours wiil vary between classes, so be sure to read the details about what one you are attending.

Since we are rural and I am trying to keep the cost as affordable as I can (dye is expensive), I'm asking you bring your own lunch.
Space is limited for each session based on what we are doing in that session, the time we have, and the space we need.

**Note: All Camp Sessions will include “dye basics”.

Sunday June 24th - Dyeing 101 / Color Therapy

Sunday June 24th - Dyeing 101 / Color Therapy

Let there be light! In this camp session we will discuss and play with the basic chemistry of color and dyeing. If you have been to our Dye Day Events and wanted to jump to the next level this is it! You’ll learn all about the different types of dyes and dye processes. We will experiment (play) with a few techniques (yes, there will be speckles). While we delve into the science of the dyeing, we'll also be exploring a little color theory and expanding our personal color sensibilities....

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Sun July 22nd - Sock Yarn Dyeing, Striping, Pooling, Speckling

Sun July 22nd - Sock Yarn Dyeing, Striping, Pooling, Speckling

How many ways are there to dye sock yarn? As many as you can imagine! In this camp session we will learn and experiment with as many of these as we can squeeze in to a day. After we go over some basic dye principles we will discuss and experiment with dye techniques for specific knit results. Our explorations will include all kinds of dye patterns (striping, pooling, speckling, grading) for sock yarn and therefore sock knitting. There will be math and a discussion on gauge as it relates to...

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